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Safety Issues



codes and standardsCodes and Standards/Human Factors: Safe is a relative term that has many bases for comparison. Codification and regulation are social value-system measures of how safe a product or process needs to be, and these measures often change with time. "State-of-the-Art" and "Custom and Practice" help establish consistency and evolution in products and processes. Accident frequency and distribution help rank and identify trends for safety. The application of human factors also allows for the evaluation and prediction of usage and misuse, and the appreciation of equipment response and operation. Safety relies on more than physical guarding, and can include elements of training, vigilance and practice.
hazardsHazards Analysis/Guarding: Point-of-Operation locations are positions where mechanical work is being performed. Human interaction with the machine systems necessitates mechanical design philosophy cognizant of safety. Point-of-Operation safe gaurding may consist of features and processes other than physical barrier guards. Guarding on a lawn mower may look different than guarding on a paper shredder. Nonetheless, they both have the same design objective – prevent human contact with hazardous mechanicals parts.
Meridian One, Inc. partners with outside technical contractors as needed - we assemble a team for litigation and draw up general thrust of technical assault - consultations with attorneys. Consultation with major universities, industry contacts. Contacts include government officials, industry and society leaders. Cost competitive due to tailoring of assault options proposed to insurance/attorneys/individuals.