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Meridian One, Inc. is a Registered Professional Engineering Firm (1997) in the State of Illinois.
microscopeForensic Science often involves documentation and application of engineering science and physical principles to provide evidence of events or conditions. These methods try to answer the questions of how, why and when, and may be applied to situations where only technical methods can establish the logical sequence of events based on evidence. Forensic tools may include accident reconstruction, evaluation of time sequences, physical and computer simulations, and dimensional analysis.


Andrew H. Tudor is a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the State of Illinois. Consulting service is – complex accident analysis, safety of mechanical systems, legal "expert witness" work in the context of legal proceedings or lawsuits. I specialize in sporting goods such as bicycle, excercise, sports equipment, and workplace safety as it relates to injuries produced by machinery or hazards in the workplace – general industry and construction. Additional services in Intellectual Property (patents), (new) product development, Breach of Contract (machine does not perform as specified).

Cost competitive due to tailoring of assault options proposed to insurance, attorneys and individuals.